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Thursday, December 08, 2005



Beautiful names, beautiful girls!


Looking forward to the new excitement!


I'm tearing up, right now. You HAVE given me hope. Congratulations again on those beautiful little babies...


I'm so pleased that everything is still going so well. I do miss hearing from you, I look forward to your new blog. Let me know when it appears!


Oh and the babies are really lovely!


Congratulations and welcome to the club!


I am so glad you updated and look forward to your new journal. What you are experiencing is so wonderful.


Looking forward to the new blog.

Lovely babies. You are so lucky.

Take care.


Your girls are adorable! : ) I can't wait till the new blog!


Your babies are so precious. Congratulations!
Can't wait to hear more, so keep us posted for the next chapter of your life. Blessing for your lovely family!


so very very happy for you. and the long silence was worth the wait. enjoy this special time.


The girls are simply gorgeous. It was soooo very nice hearing from y ou and I'm totally looking forward to the new blog.


Congratulations to your gorgeous little girls. They look sweet and happy and lovely. Hope the darling girls keep well.

Lisa DG

Thank you for keeping this blog up. As I read it now, years later, tears are streaming down my face. I long to be you. My DE transfer is in two weeks from now and I don't know if it's all the meds I'm on or all the years of waiting, but this post really has made a difference this morning. Thank you.

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