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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Rayne of Terror

They are both beautiful and individual. I definately seem some resemblences in their mouths and noses. Congratulations!


Wow, Uncle Jimmy's video made me cry tears of joy. I've watched it about four times now. I just started going to your Blog about three weeks ago. I am starting a DE cycle (after 3 failed IVFs, gallbladder surgery, liver disease, etc, etc) and I graduated from UF Law Dec 94. Who would have thought that there was another person there who would have similar troubles ? Most of my classmates seemed to have perfect charmed lives. I guess you never know. Oh, and to top it all of, I'm Jewish too. Mazel Tov on your family and happiness! And thanks for sharing your story ... it has inspired me.

chee chee

How wonderful! Congrats! Your babies are so beautiful!!


Hooray! Wonderful babies. Hope everything's going well for the four of you.


Doing alright? It's been months since we've seen a peep out of you. Hope nothing is wrong.


How's everything going?

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