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Thursday, August 18, 2005



YAY!!! they're finally here. coming out of lurkdom to say congratulations! they look just beautiful.. please post some stats and more pix. very nice montage uncle jimmy, thanks!


Congratulations! They are beautiful. Please update with more pics.


Oh my gosh! They are so beautiful! Welcome to the world little ones! Mazel Tov! Thanks for the peek at them and I hope you are all doing well!


Congratulations! What a great birth announcement--good job, Uncle Jimmy. I can't wait to hear all the details.

By the way, you looked fantastic. Great hair.


YEAH! Your family is beautiful. Congratulations!


What a greta idea! Congratulations to all of you.


Another lurker here who's been checking in every day hoping for details. They are beautiful!!! Congratulations and thanks Uncle Jimmy!! Hope everything went well, and you can post more pics and info soon. But enjoy your girls, first and foremost!!!

Lurker in South Carolina


So happy for you. Thank you for sharing and congratulations!!!!! Much love to you and the WHOLE family :)


Congratulations! Blessings to you and your lovely little family. Thank you for sharing with us. You made me cry!


Another lurker here saying Congratulations to you and your family one two beautiful babies :)


Oh thank you for this lovely announcement. They are lovely, and it looks as if you've had a great time bonding already. Sending you all lots of love.


Congratulations!!!! I am crying now..that was so very sweet. Your babies are so pretty like their mother.

SO happy for you....


Wow! That was incredible!! Very happy for you!


We just vacationed in St. Louis. I didn't realize that was where you were, but even while viewing everything wonderful in the city, I was wondering how you and the babies were doing and offering up a silent prayer that all went well. Now I can see it did and how happy and healthy every one is. Congratulations from a cyberspace friend. I plan to drop in often to watch these beautiful young ladies as they change and grow.


Congratulations! They are beautiful. Glad to hear all are healthy and well. I was starting to get nervous that we hadn't heard.


Such gorgeous babies!!! I too lurk here daily and had grown a little concerned this week since you hadn't posted the latest. The announcement is incredible. Major kudos to Uncle Jimmy! I couldn't be happier for you all:)


The babies are gorgeous. I'm so glad to finally hear you are all well. Congratulations on your beautiful daughters.


That was a beautiful birth announcement! (Thanks Uncle Jimmy, good job!)

Congratulations Mom! Your family is gorgeous!


Hmm, nice song, but can't see the video! Just plays a black screen with music in the background! How odd.

Well congratulations anyway! Hopefully the video will download for me someday!

Anyone have any ideas on how to make it work??


That was so beautiful! *sniffle*

Many congrats!


Awww, I can't open the thing! Danged unix crap. I bet there are as cute as 2 bugs in a rug!


The babies are beautiful! What a wonderful video.


Congratulations! Welcome to the world!

They are beautiful.


Mazel Tov! Beautiful names, beautiful girls....


They are so beautiful! Congratulations to you!

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