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Saturday, July 09, 2005



Fire the cleaning lady--she's too stupid to continue working for you.

Ignore your husband's lack of decorating skills and order a cushion that matches (hurry, by the way).

Order more donuts.

And keep posting.

You're hilarious.

Hope you feel better.


Yes, keep posting....

and ordering more donuts.

Man, if I ever get a donor cycle to take, I really want to start quoting Dr. Phil...I can just blame it on pregnancy ;)

Actually my husband and I have this really long running joke about decorating and Dr. Phil. I love to decorate (which I talk about ad nauseum on my blog). But my husband really likes to be involved, but he's slow to make a decision. We caught this one Dr. Phil show where he bascially said that it's the women's nest, let her do what she wants -- for peace. Bwahahahahahaha. I'm no Dr. Phil fan, but whenever I really want to make a purchase for the house and it's lingering on 6 months before my husband will agree with what I picked, I remind him what Dr. Phil says ;)

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