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Wednesday, July 27, 2005



I've seen too many of my friends at the last stage of pregnancy to begrudge you this one.


With a 'friend' like her, who needs an enemy. I don't begrudge you, not all ... you and your 'friend' didn't have the same pregnancies. While I'm sure she was uncomfortable, she complained more for the attention, she just didn't 'get' a lot; yeah, there's a whole lot she didn't get, and never will. Feh to her.


You have been an inspiration to me. I've felt like if you can go through all that you've been through, I can get through my journey to motherhood too. I'll probably be doing DE too and you've helped me understand that process and what to watch out for.

I'm sure you're uncomfortable, it must be difficult to have twins. I'm so glad you've made it through the critical juncture. I'm looking forward to your birth announcement, you deserve so true joy you've had enough of the other stuff already.


Don't "friends" like that suck? I too have one thats very similar and its sad because I used to like her and now I can't stand her. She fell pregnant first had a perfect pregnancy and a healthy baby. I got pregnant and miscarried and she started telling me how she was trying for another baby. I fell pregnant again and wow so did she and is due a week after me. This whole pregnancy has been a comparison game for her. Anyways, I'm 35 weeks pregnant now and I feel your uncomfortability!!!! I know I'm only having a singleton so I can only imagine the discomfort I'm having being doubled!


Wow, that woman is such an asshole. There are so many women like that who act like they're the first woman on the planet who's ever procreated. The fathers like that are even worse, like we should all bow down to their magical balls or something.

I'd say you have a right to feel like you want to have these babies soon. There are two babies in there. That's a lot of work.

Here's hoping your date comes quickly.

Take care.

chee chee

I'm sure you must be ready for your pregnancy to be over. I totally understand why an expectant mom at such an advance stage in her pregnancy would feel that way. It's got to be uncomfortable, difficult to sleep, walk around, etc. I wish you luck on the C-section.

You're almost there!


I had to deal with the same kind of "friend" except she was/is my SIL.

But since we all had to struggle with becoming pregnant, I think a little bitching every now and then is understandable. Especially being pregnant in the summer. You have got to be miserable.

I hope it goes by fast and can't wait to meet your daughters.


Ahhhh, yes. I think we know the same "friend." Did she wear a red hooker dress showing off her bump at your holiday party? Well, maybe not the exact same person, but I know what you mean.

Rayne of Terror

I can't imagine being 9 months pregnant with twins in St. Louis with the heat that just passed. It's probably a good thing to be on bedrest so you didn't have to venture outside. A couple summers ago I managed a campaign on the Illinois side and I tell you going door to door in July and August and working the county fairs was some of the most miserable heat I've ever experienced.

Hope everything goes smoothly the next couple weeks.

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