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Thursday, June 30, 2005



hi! i usually just lurk around here and am praying for the safe delivery of your babies, but i just had to comment and say: love the pregnancy diet!!! sounds delicious! here in japan i can probably just count on peanut m&ms, but i think it will work for me!


So glad that you are still cooking the kids! I like the Godiva White Chocolate Raspberry Trufle ice cream. Yum! Take care!


Congrats on making it to 31 weeks -- that is such great news !!


Glad those babes are progressing well. You sound in good shape.


I love that ice cream. Hope those babies stay in a few weeks longer.

I meant to answer your question on men wanting girls, BTW. I think some men do. I think some men are probably better fathers to boys, at least in the sense that they identify and are more interested in boys. I have seen that among some of my friends. On friend in particular surprised me, because he's sort of a "sensitive new age guy" type and not at all macho--where did this preference come from? But I think MOST men, especially well-adjusted men, are pretty happy with what comes their way and I know plenty of men who say they much prefer girls. Especially if at least one of those girls happens to be a bit of a tomboy.

Your husband is going to love those girls like crazy.

Take care.


De-lurking to tell you- I was induced at 34 weeks, and not a day goes by that I don't wish I had been able to keep my little boy in for at least 7-10 more days. Yes, it's miserable, but the longer they can stay in, the better the chance you can avoid ventilators, CPAP, or the NICU all together. Good luck to you!

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