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Friday, June 17, 2005



Coming out of lurkdom for this:

What a touching post on a dearly loved friend. I'm sobbing for you my dear. It's coming up on two years that my beloved Tigger died unexepectedly in her sleep. She was the first cat that was 'mine' and I still miss her terribly. The other cats have taken on characteristics of her and it's obvious they miss her too. Mourn for your lost friend, but also rejoice in the what's to come. I couldn't grieve well because I, too was pregnant when Tigger died.

So sorry for your loss.


I'm so sorry. Losing a fuzzy member of the family is never easy, even when you know they are better off. My thoughts are with you.


I'm sorry. I know how much I adore my pets. My thoughts are with you.


I'm so sorry for your loss. I still cry when I think of my beloved Vanya that we had to put down last July 23rd because of cancer in his kidneys and throughout his body. They truly are family members and I constantly wish that dogs and cats lived longer lives.


Damn I am crying here and I have workers all around ...I am so sorry for your loss. Those babies just work their way into the heart and tangle it up in love. so so sorry. I am relieved you made it home before she died.

My thoughts are with you.


I'm so sorry about Molly. It sounds like you two took really good care of her and she had a great life.

I'm glad your vet could come to the house.

Basset Hounds are really so damn cute, aren't they?

BTW, I went to FSU for undergrad, so I guess we're rivals. Except that I absolutely hate football.

Take care. And stay in there, babies.


peace be with you miss molly


I'm sorry. I can't imagine losing my own kitty... Thinking about you...


It is so hard to lose a pet. I am glad you have Bruiser so you aren't alone. It sounds to me like Molly had a great life. Just think, if she didn't have another dog around, who's food would she have stolen? I love that story.


Wow. I'd stopped checking your blog regularly due to the lack of updates, then checked back today to see all this. What a lot you've been dealing with. I'm so sorry about molly, and hope that the bedrest will do the trick. Here's to those babies sticking in there until 35 weeks!


I'm so sorry about Molly. You don't realize how much space they occupy in your heart until they are gone.

We had a similar experience with one of our vets; I call her Dr. Dumbshit. Glad Dr. Magnificent gave her such good care and that you were home.

I hope wherever Molly is now there are plenty of snacks.


What a love filled entry. I'm so sorry for your loss of Molly. Typing through the tears here...


Of course, I'm crying. Losing a pet is like losing a little piece of your heart...


yeah im sorry to hear this story, but then again it makes me happy cuz u know before things went bad she had a great life unlike a few pets these days... I just found this page while trying to find info on my chow, maxy. I'm just 20 and ive had him since i can remeber. I think hes good as dead, its horrible trying to explain to the rest of my guy mates, uno rugby players and boxers and stuff how much this dog means to me. I punched one of best friends in the head the other day for suggesting when he dies we should go shopping the next day and get a new one... Its just not something you can do. Well i'm glad i had maxy for a while, what a character... silly chows chows eh?

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