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Monday, May 23, 2005



om my, Congrats! Welcome back.


Glad you're back. Congratulations!


So very good to have you back!
Double congrats.


Wow. Sorry for the extra charges you have to pay but what great news about the girls! Best wishes!


Two girls !! That's great. Glad things are ok, well, with the exception of money issues -- that is outrageous, aggrieveous and I think you should sue.

Rayne of Terror

Only a lawyer tells a joke about decedents! I'm so glad you are doing well and over 1/2 way to 40 weeks. Twin girls is wonderful. I'm an adult twin and a new mom. Although I can't imagine how much more work it is to have two babies, and later two toddlers, I can tell you it is great to be a twin. They always have a playmate, friend, co-conspirator.

Sorry about the ass fucking your donor agency is giving you. One of the reasons I wanted to go to lawschool was so I'd never get screwed over again. I guess being a lawyer doesn't insulate you from that unless you treat yourself as your most important client all the time.


Yay! Girls! I hope they're good nappers. It really does make all the agency stuff a little easier to take. Still, not very nice.


It's just amazing to me that they would be so underhanded in their business practices for such an important thing. I'm glad that you told the rest of the story and I'm so excited to hear that you're 25 weeks along and all looks well! Mazel tov!


Congratulations. I have dropped in on occasion and because I am the grandmotherly kind, I was concerned that there had been no posts. So I very glad to hear you are doing well.


Yay about the twin girls but...damn that agency shit would piss me off.


Congratulations on the babies! That's awesome news. You need to get all lawyer on the donor agency's ass. That's ridiculous.


Twins! That's wonderful, congratulations!

I've heard that joke before...but in the context of a law student's summer associate program where they wine and dine you hoping you'll come work at their firm and then they hit you with 90 hour weeks :)

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