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Sunday, March 20, 2005



I really, truly, love your foul mouth. I have also had a dick up my booty today, only mine is from my crappy insurance. Bastards, all of them. Let's put them on a boat and ship them off somehwere.

What, no baby news? Glad to hear from you anyway. Take care. When are you moving?


Our sperm bank has done this type of thing, too. The credit card I initially gave for the $150 'setup fee' was my debit card. I didn't want to put the next chunk of $1500 on that, but when the other card I gave them was declined, they tried to use my debit card instead, without asking me. How shitty would that be, had it gone through?

Oh gee, sorry you can't make your mortgage, but at least you own some vials of sperm.

Reproductive industries really seem to get that they have you by the balls.


You know that SPCT sounds like "spit" don't you?


Keep checking in and hoping you'll be posting again soon!


Hope everything is going well for you. Post when you can.


Just chekcing in, hope everything is ok, its been a long time.


Time to update. Pretty please?

Rayne of Terror

It's been almost 2 months since you posted. I hope you are quiet b/c you are so busy and things are going well. Drop us a line, doesn't have to be a long post.


I am also hoping to see something from you soon. I hope everything is all right.


Me too hoping all is ok. Been checking back here once a week or so and am missing your updates.

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