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Saturday, March 12, 2005



Oh, yes I know this well. Pretty awful, huh? One time I mentioned how tight and revealing all the clothing seemed to be to a 20-something clerk in Mimi Maternity and the bitch had the nerve to say "well, a lot of the younger moms like to wear they're clothing that way." That shut me up. Bitch.

Am I the only person who doesn't find a pregnant belly attractive? Because a lot of women, even the ones who started out very skinny, look like phythons who've swallowed watermelons with those tight outfits. Or maybe I'm just friggin old.

Glad to hear things are still progressing well. I've been thinking about your comment on my blog and am going to email you some questions soon, if you don't mind.

Take care.


Maternity clothes piss me off. The only thing that pisses me off more are the American Baby magazines that somehow started showing up at my house- with their "postpartum" models who are wearing size 2 jeans without even the slightest hint of tummy pudge. Assholes.


The most ridiculous piece of maternity clothing I've ever heard of are low rise maternity shit. I happen to think low rise jeans are tacky to begin with...but low rise maternity jeans?!?!?!? I don't fucking get it.

Rayne of Terror

At about 5 months pregnant and only looking heavy I was wearing a pair of Old Navy under the belly cords. I went to Kroger in search of donuts. (no wonder I gained so much!) Ah ha! Long Johns on the bottom shelf. I squatted down to grab the donuts and lost my pants. I swear. Completely mooned an old man at the deli. So so M bare assing. That's when I switched traditional over the belly pants. BTW - Old Navy maternity is cheaply made and uncomfortable. Once I finally bought a pair of JC Penney jeans I saw the light.


Sigh... been awhile since I did the maternity scene but know from my shopping expedition today that clothing manufacturers (the media, advertisers) are WAY out of line. I am 38, weigh about 140 lbs, 5'3 high and the LARGE size of every shirt I try on looks miniscule. I comforted myself by looking at all the women in the mall and deciding most of us shop in the 'big girl' section. How demeaning is that?! Perhaps someone could get a clue and tune into what REAL women want/need?


Normally I don't post, but I had to de-lurk momentarily to advise you all that I actually SAW one of these women in person at a maternity clothing store today. She was looking for maternity clothes in TALL size 0! Well, if I wasn't feeling sensitive about myself before, I certainly was after. Oh well. I guess there will be no more reassuring myself that these magazine women don't actually exist in reality given that I've now seen one for myself.


I am 7 months pregnant and all belly. i'm about 5'9" and only 137 pounds. I can wear all those cute tight fitting maternity clothes. and my favorite piece of clothing are my lowrise joes jeans by seven for all mankind (and the low rise fashion does not fall off your ass while bending over.These jeans are comftorable and damn sexy. You don't have that potato ass that regular granny maternity jeans give you). i haven't had any swelling that you say or extra arm pudge. I guess some of us are just fortunant to be hot ass pregos!

Dsl California

Very few ever look like that. I know someone who is 52 inches tall and her waist was 52 inches.

She is tiny but not when she was pregnant. I think if your too thin it is not good.

Wrinkle Cream. Anti Wrinkle Cream

I was not even close. But i enjoyed it and could care less about what others thought.

Took me awhile to get back to size i wanted but was well worth it.

David Blaine Magic.

I like your site. Atleast i feel like i am not only one with same problems.

Low Cost isp

I hated the clothes when i was pregnant. Never saw anything that even looked good. That was years ago so you have it a little better now.

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