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Saturday, January 01, 2005



What a loser. People like that suck. I wish the same for all of us too.

Cocksucker, thank you, I think I love you...I wouldn't have been able to say it better myself ;)


I hope there was some coal in his Christmas stocking. Perhaps a year's worth of permature ejaculation? Or even better, a five year's supply of impotence. Then he'll have other things he won't have to worry about.


(Shaking head.) He'd better be careful, because karma is a bitch.

Here's hoping everything continues to go well for you and your little one(s).


How unbelievably insensitive. I don't care how many kids you have, I'd like to think you'd still worry about miscarriage. I wonder if his wife would have something different to stay.

And a belated congrats. :)


That insensitive ignorant cretin bastard. It just astounds me how some people feel compelled to share whatever BS comes floating into their brain with no thought of how it might affect others. Can't wait to hear the next update Jalaine. That was really thoughtful of you not to forget the others who are still struggling on this journey.


One question: you mentioned that you were standing there stirring your first thought: I hope to God she isn't drinking alcohol while trying hard to have a baby. Not being judgmental here, just an observation. Please tell me it ain't so...

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