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Wednesday, November 10, 2004



Shame on you for treating this poor overweight man like a burden on society. Can you imagine the shame and embarassment that must've been going through his mind through the flight? I imagine, though it obviously didn't SEEM as such, that he was probably having to force himself into unnatural contortions throughout the entire FOUR HOURS as well. I also really liked your use of the moniker "Jumbo." I'm surprised you didn't use the name "Slanty" or "Charlie" to describe the "normal" Asian man on your other side. Also, before I let you off the hook completely, please explain just what "normal" is. I imagine you must believe that you are "normal." Well, you probably are, and that is NOT a good thing, as the majority of the population is less than intelligent.

bladder control

I also really liked your use of the moniker "Jumbo."

Sam Nisbett

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