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Tuesday, October 12, 2004



I agree. Stop it. Please?


Right here with you, jumping up and down, raising my hand -- ENOUGH already, OY! Effing universe. G-d gave me too much to handle when I was about 10, and it's been downhill ever since.

I hate dealing with people whose game is ripoff, figuring you don't know squat about home reapair (which I don't, but my FIL used to build houses, so we call him and ask him and he gives us the skinny on what's the worse case scenario.)


SAME THING happened to me - guys came out and estimated $1400 to fix the hot water furnace. THEN told me that I should have it replaced - and the air conditioner b/c it was too small for my house. Luckily, my father was there and smelled something fishy.

We called someone else and they came to fix it for $275. AND we complained to the other company (who charge us $140 just to go there and tinkle around) and got some of the $ back.

Hate those bastards!!


Anyone who owns a home can totally relate! Thank goodness you figured that creep out!



Okay, time to post again. We need updates, woman!


Yes - come on and write to us all out here. We're waiting to find out how you are.

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