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Tuesday, July 13, 2004



"Sounds like family to me. . ." Too funny!! Sounds just like something I would think! Love your blog.



you know, i smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day and i have 3 healthy children. i am healthy, i work out, and have no medical problems and i know i would make a great donor. my kids are great and i love them so much and i think anyone who wants to have a child so badly.....should have one.....or 3!!!!!

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Interesting post. I really feel that you are correct on this one.

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I am totally used to this. I smoke daily upto 2 packets. I feel seriously pain in my chest. I consult a doctor, he recommend me to avoid smoking. Now at this time i feel fine.

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Smoking - kind of a criminal or domestic abuse, which consists of inhalation drugs, mainly herbal, smoldering in a flow of breathable air to the saturation of the organism they contain active substances by their volatilization and subsequent absorption into the lungs and airways. As a rule, used to use smoking blends with narcotic properties (tobacco, hashish, marijuana, opium, crack, etc.) due to the rapid flow of saturated substance of blood to the brain.

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Guys, Great article and very very interesting blog. That’s one thing I’m really looking forward. Looking forward to reading more from you next week.

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*i like this part of the post.I think a lot of people would be surprised how easy it is to start including fine-motor activities in playtime.

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