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Thursday, June 24, 2004



I think the vast majority of secretaries are evil, passive aggressive bitches who resent their station in life and take it out on their employers and each other. Seriuosly, I was a permanent temp for a year (paralegal) between grad school and law school at a big DC law firm. It was insane. Backstabbing that you would not believe. Petty crap all the time. And the worse thing was, they HATED the attorneys they worked for, especially the female ones, so they vacilated between kissing ass and despising them when their backs were turned. Just jealous, of course, but they were a miserable lot. Maybe it was the proximity of power coupled with their having no power and low pay. Just thinking about it makes me cringe.


Well I've always hated that crap, even when I was unknowingly infertile. As if everyone is suppose to drop what they're doing and immediately pop up and oogle a baby. I guess I've just never been one of those giddy baby smothering women.

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