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Tuesday, May 18, 2004



If I dont' see a quick reply to my post, I can only assume you have succumbed to the demons and are at Walgreen's buying a Clear Blue Easy. I can certainly understand your reluctance to test. I have had those moments when I thought, let's see, do I really want to ruin a perfectly good day? And yesterday as I changed for my ultrasound that I COULDN'T WAIT FOR, I suddenly thought "why do this? what if something is wrong? I could go several more days in blissful ignorance..."

Well, I'll be waiting impatiently to hear your news-- and hoping it's GOOD GOOD GOOD!!


Hello? Are you there? Are you okay? I'm anxiously awaiting your update and hoping that it's a good one.


Just another reader looking for an update. Hope all is well with you!


Soooooooooo... any good news to share? :)

Enough Already

Thank you all for your support. But no good news. Only shitty, shitty, shitty news. Blissful ignorance succumbed to pregnancy test buying demons.

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