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Sunday, April 11, 2004



Ugh. What a complete asshole. I'm glad I haven't gotten any jerks yet; I don't think I'll be as gracious as you have. Anyway, I am wishing you all the luck for this IUI to be successful. I never updated pregnancy calendars; they made me too hopeful, and I can't deal with hope.


Nice. What a great person to leave such an uplifting note.

Have you had any pervs yet? Those are a bit more fun.

As for getting ahead of yourself - that's your Habituated Trauma Seeker. She's a real son of a bitch.


Wait, wait a minute...Fah...Que...I don't quite...oh my MAUDE! That's -- that's just really funny! Wow! Do you think he's in high school yet? I bet he was at least a sevvie.

God, I want to DO him. That's so hot.

(there's your pervert right there.)

As for the real meat of the post: I can't even handle those calculators myself. But: I always, always play the symptoms game. Despite the fact that I know exactly what early pregnancy feels like, I always crawl TTC boards for the random ones. Sigh.

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