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Wednesday, April 07, 2004



One of my hubby's semenanalysis came back with 145 mill, and another at 35 mill. They can really vary. Also, after they are washed (smack me if you already know this, I'm sure you do) the "lamer" ones are removed and only the good ones remain, so your count will go down a lot of times. I'm so glad your follicles cooperated. I definitely think 10 mill is enough (with the 35 mill we had, only 3% were normal forms, so we didn't really have 35 mill).


I'd be saying "enough already!" too if I'd gone through all that you have with this cycle. I'm hoping that 10 million will be more than enough.


I'll be keeping all parts crossed for you the next few days. Hopefully, there's a few hundred great swimmers amongst the 10 million!

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