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Sunday, March 14, 2004



I'm with ya on the miscarrying issue. Hell, it took me 3 years to even get to that point. And don't you love the people who say "well, at least you know you can get pregnant?" Ugh.


Resounding: YES! YES! YES!

3 years? I'd be insane with grief. The sick thing I've thought is that, "well, the first miscarriage was not so bad (relatively) b/c i didn't really have to put alot of work into it" wierd perspective, but mine just the same. now if i'd know that the first miscarriage was just a foretelling of things to come...

As for the "at least you can get pregnant types, I have this one friend (friend?) who tells me that all the time. "at least you know you can get pregnant" No comfort in that sista'. getting pregnant...sometimes easy, sometimes not. holding onto a pregnancy, now that's the reservations (Jerry Seinfeld)..its the holding the pregnancy that really matters. Miscarriages...big ass waste of time and heartache. I'd rather not get pregnant than miscarry. I actually prayed for that after my 2nd luck, and to that i say: ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

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